Hey girl! Welcome to Moonrose healing.
I’m Jenn, your resident psychic, empath, and Reiki practitioner.


A little bit about me...

 From a very young age I knew I was different. I was always the one who knew someone was upset before they admitted it. Whenever someone was keeping something from me, I knew. A common theme throughout my childhood was being very sensitive to environment and energy, even though I didn’t truly understand why until much later in life.

My interest in the spiritual world started with astrology, I honestly couldn’t get enough of it. It was actually the thing that lead me to my spiritual mentor in 2011…

… from there I was encouraged to throw myself full force into spiritual discovery. I started meditating, practising tarot and oracle cards, and worked with crystals to help take my meditation game to the next level. Eventually I joined the same reading site my mentor was on. There I maintained a 5/5 star rating from hundreds of clients for my highly accurate distance tarot and oracle readings. Three years later I opened my readings up to in person session and the rest was history.

The more I opened up to spirit, trusted my intuition, and embraced my gifts, the more it became clear that being a healer and reader was my life’s purpose.

Sometime in 2015 I discovered the beautiful gift of Reiki and started receiving sessions monthly. It honestly helped me make peace with some deep rooted insecurities and trauma. I felt so light and elevated that 2 years later I decided to take Level I Reiki for self healing. Seven months later I continued onto Level II so I could share this amazing gift with others.

My intention for every client is to help empower them through readings, reiki, and by providing customized supplemental self-healing methods.

My goal through the duration of our work together is to help you clear that old shit away that is holding you back from your life’s purpose. Spiritual discovery and development is the most raw, powerful thing you can do for yourself. I would be honored to help guide you on your journey!




 Jennifer has been practising as a spiritual inuitive, guide, and mentor professionally since 2011.

Since then she has developed a loyal and dedicated global client base. She loves to work with individual clients to give them clarity and peace of mind through a combination of card reading, channeling, and energy work. Jennifer works specifically as a level II Reiki practitioner and psychic reader through the use of fortune and tarot cards.

As a empathic lightworker, she also uses her clairvoyant, clairsentient, claircognizant, and clairaudient abilities to add depth and substance...

to each reading along with the help of her guides. Although Jenn believes that we all have the ability to listen to spirit and follow our own intuition, she will always thank her mother and genetic heritage for the gifts she now works with every moment of the day.