My mom has been suffering from both shoulder joints pain and after surgery pain on her left thigh for a few years. The doctor says that there is nothing she can do for her, and that my mom should take pain killer to deal with the pain. Her pain level was usually 10 which is the maximum, and it is very heart breaking to see her suffer constantly. So I approached Jenn to see if she can help my mom with Reiki healing. Twenty minutes after the first session, my mom said that the pain had subsided substantially. The next day, the pain came back and lasted the whole day, according to Jenn her pain would be even more severe because the negative energies are leaving the body. So Jenn gave my mom another session the following night, the pain has finally gone. Up until today after one week she has no more pain. I am so grateful for Jenn’s healing, thank you from the bottom of my heart! Your healing energy is very powerful!
— Elizabeth P.

Thank you Jennifer for the wonderful reading. I’m absolutely amazed at the quality and accuracy of your reading. This is the first time I really know for sure that someone has the gift and uses it wisely. I was surprised Jennifer mentioned many personal things about my life that no one would know with out telling them. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to get a tarot reading. She’s kind, helpful, explains everything thoroughly. Thank you so much Jennifer.
— Houwaida A.

I had the good fortune in July 2017 to have a reiki session with Jenn. I found her to be extremely gifted and talented. From the moment I arrive for my session, she made me comfortable and at ease. She has great energy and a gives positive support through her description of the treatment as she progresses. I was so pleased with the results of my treatment. I could feel the energy releasing throughout the session and at the end felt energized and yet settled. Jennifer Lee is very professional and possesses clear, constructive communication skills. Definitely a Reiki practitioner I would recommend over and over.
— Brenda M.

I’ve had numerous distance sessions with Jenn. She is kind, thorough, & super accurate. Her Reiki sessions have helped me greatly. My husband & daughter have also had amazing Reiki sessions with Jenn. I always know when I “need” a sesh, & Jenn always knows just what to do! Work with her, you wont regret it!!!
— Chantel B.

Jenn has been AMAZING. I had my first ever Reiki session with her and I entered it with an open mind. I wasn’t sure what to expect. After the session, I had a very emotional evening and cried all night because of the emotions that came to the surface after the session. I feel like it changed my life, so much so that my fiancee had his first session with Jenn as well. We are both so excited to continue our self-discovery journey together. I recommend Jenn 10/10 for anyone looking to grow or explore their spirituality!
— Erin B.

Jenn gave me a reading having to do with my brand new business. Her insights were right on point. She was very thorough with the descriptions of what the cards were telling her without making it confusing for me. Would definitely recommend coming to her for business clarity!
— Dakota M.

I recently started working with Jen! Whenever I need some reiki or some clarity on a decision, she guides me in the right direction. I purchased a few sessions with her and ever since she has been a guide for me, I have more clarity. My energy is better. She has been able to remove some negative energy and powerful blocks for me. She is also incredibly funny and truly gifted. If you need a reading, or reiki book her NOW!
— Jas D.

Wow. I am SO glad I had Jennifer Lee do a reading for me. The card reading was TOTALLY on point, made perfect sense, and I felt so loved and supported throughout the whole process! She was very clear, and her interpretation of the cards was completely PERFECT. I left the reading feeling clear, confident and very content with tons of clarity on a specific situation in my personal life, which I’m so grateful for. I love how intuitive she is, and Jenn really held a sacred space for me during our time together. DEF RECOMMEND!!! She was helpful, professional, kind and gentle.
— Heather H.

Jennifer is so sweet and wise! Talking with her gave me a lot of clarity and peace on a situation I was facing. She checked back in multiple times to make sure I understood all the information she shared and truly went above and beyond with customer service! Highly recommend!!
— Samantha S.

It was my very first time try something like this and the experience was amazing. The reading was exactly what I was looking for and the guidance made it clear of what I needed to do to get to where I want to be. Jennifer was very informative and generous. I’m glad that I gave it a try for the first time and definitely will take another session again.
— Masako F.

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